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Seafair T-Shirt Competition

Seafair 2019 T-Shirt Winners

Terry Lewis (Adult Division)

"Rockport Fulton has always been "my happy place." As a child, I would look forward to summer trips from San Antonio to Rockport with my family. I remember catching piggy perch off the pier and scooping up crabs that were wrestling with a chicken neck at the end of a string. I would also collect seashells at the beach. I would paint them bright colors and add them to my shoebox collection of shells. That was the beginning of my artistic pursuits. Of course, I was encouraged by my mother, Mary Lou Lewis, who was a talented artist. My mom loved to paint coastal landscapes and sea birds in an impressionistic style.

I went to college at LSU, majoring in landscape architecture. It was important for me to pursue a creative profession. While at LSU all of my elective classes were art classes. I have now been practicing landscape architecture for over forty years. My passion for art also included sculpture, mobiles, painting, photography, and graphic design.

Rockport is now "our happy place." My wife, Dee Dee, and I enjoy living in both Rockport and San Antonio. Dee Dee's childhood experience was similar to my spending holidays in Rockport, where her family has a long history. In fact, Dee Dee's great grandfather was mayor of Rockport around 1905. Our children and grandchildren are continuing these family traditions. We have Rockport running through our veins.

I am very pleased that my art has been selected to promote the 2019 Rockport-Fulton Seafair. My art titled, "Fulton Shrimper," is a photo art project. My original of a shrimp boat was taken along Fulton Beach Road near the Fulton Harbor. Then the creative fun happened when I used several art apps to create the finished image. The bright colors of the "Fulton Shrimper" heading out to face the sea represents the spirit of the Rockport-Fulton community coming together and facing a bright future. Rockport will be "everyone's happy place" during the 2019 Rockport-Fulton Seafair!"


Presley Adams  (Youth Division)

"My name is Presley Adams. I am 9 years old and am going into the 4th Grade at Fulton Learning Center.

My mom is Molly Adams and my dad is Danny Adams.

My favorite hobbies are dance and gymnastics. My inspiration for drawing comes from an older sister of one of my friends. She is very artistic. I watched and learned from her. I also went to Art Space. This is a summer camp at the Rockport Center for the Arts. I really enjoyed it. When I up, I think I want to be a dance teacher since I really enjoy the performing arts."









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