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Chamber History & Bylaws

The Chamber was chartered in March of 1952.

The Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce has a long history of serving our community. It's been in existence since 1912, though not always active because of two world wars and the Great Depression. An organization called the Rockport Development League was in place before the 1919 storm. Early efforts of the organization were profitable, even attracting tourists to travel by railroad to visit.
The groundwork for Highway 35, the causeway, and the dredging of the original harbor was accomplished by the Chamber of Commerce and local government officials before 1929. After reorganization in 1936 work continued, though not as successful as before due to the economics of the times. During World War II, efforts to enhance the tourist trade were overshadowed by the need for the country to gear up for wartime activities. In 1945 the Chamber of Commerce once again reorganized. A more business like approach was taken. Since that time the organization has remained an effective, contributing member of the community toward the economic well-being of the area. One of the activities sponsored by the Chamber in the 1940’s was to invite the outdoor writers to visit the Rockport-Fulton to gain publicity about the fabulous fishing, the beaches, and other water sports activities.
In the early 1950’s Rockport-Fulton climbed on the bandwagon of “bathing beauty” contests. Attractive young ladies chosen by the Chamber of Commerce carried a message about the area as a vacation destination all across the state.
The popular slogan, “Toast of the Coast”, replaced previous ones in 1949 after a contest sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. When reorganized in 1945, the slogan was “Port of Play” and "Port of Industry”. The “Port of Industry” slogan was replaced with “Where the Oaks Meet the Sea”. During 1987 the slogan and logo were again changed. “The Charm of the Texas Coast” is now the official slogan and the logo can be found on the visitor web site
Today, the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce has over 700 members and remains the focal point for tourism development and economic enhancement.
Hug the Coast Highway Bridge Ceremony 1930 -  The bridge, now Copano Causeway, is completing a $90M-plus expansion.  
For reference to the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce Bylaws click here.