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Hurricane Harvey Recovery & Relief

"It's a marathon, not a sprint"

Aransas County was ground zero for the eyewall impact of Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017. Yet, our spirit remains unbroken and we are fully committed to nothing less than a full and complete recovery from the impacts of Harvey!

We are motivated to rebuild, restore, revitalize and renew our home!

Two-Year Post Hurricane Harvey Update Click Here

The Long-Term Recovery effort will be guided by a plan and will take time. Because our leadership team is committed to doing things right, our desire is to serve as a model effort for the State and Nation to see. Our goal is nothing less than full and complete recovery!

Our faith is strong in our neighbors, friends and families. We have the ability to pick up, standup and recover. We invite all those who share in this desire to join in, work hard and come be a part of a historic revitalization effort!

Hurricane Harvey Relief Small Business Grant Funds NOW Available!!! Apply Now!

Rockport-Fulton is open for Business:

Hurricane Harvey Survivors Resource List 

DRAFT Economic Development Strategic Short-Term and Long-Term Plan 

Hurricane Harvey Humanitarian Fund Report and Fact Sheet

Hurricane Harvey Small Business Fund Press Release on Funds Distributed

Hurricane Harvey EOC Team

Hurricane Harvey Information Page

Aransas County Disaster Long Term Recovery

City of Rockport - List of Contractors, Mayor's Letters

Town of Fulton - Disaster Information

Aransas County ISD - Disaster Updates

Aransas County Navigation District - Updates

What if I disagree with my insurer's decision 

How to file a flood claim 

FAQs for Harvey homeowners insurance claims 

Long Term Recovery Plan

Make a Contribution

-- Humanitarian Fund Click here
-- Rebuilding Rockport-Fulton Business Redevelopment Fund Click here