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31st Anniversary Hummer T-Shirt Art

Enter the HummerBird T-Shirt Design Contest for 2019 

Deadline May 1, 2019

Rules and Regulations for T-Shirt Artist Contestants


Meet last years winners:


Clementina Rivera is a seasoned artist with many accolades to her artwork. She has been a Merit Artist for the Rockport Center of the Arts. Winner if the Shrimporee poster art 3 times, and winner of the 2018 Windiest competition. She is the official artist for the Fulton Oysterfest. She has won the T-shirt artist competition for HummerBird Celebration at least 4 times in previous years. She is very proud to have her art work "Ruby-Throated/Flame Acanthus" on the 30th Anniversary HummerBird Celebration T-Shirt.

Kids T-Shirts!

For the 30th Annual HummerBird Celebration we are added Kid's T-shirts. Artist, Christy Linsley with Artwork below:

"I grew up in the shadow of a wonderful artist and wasn’t brave enough to try my hand at it until after the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey.  To start on a new avenue of life, I signed up for a watercolor class as soon as they were offered by the Rockport Art Center and have been dabbling with them ever since. Recently retired from teaching school, I had time this past year to paint and send cards during the Christmas season. It was nice when folks complemented me, but the real joy came in the creating. That is how this little hummingbird was created, joyfully." -Christy Linsley