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34th Anniversary Hummer T-Shirt Art

HummerBird T-Shirt Art 2022

    2022 HummerBird T-Shirt Artist:  Sharen Chatterton

    Sharen Chatterton’s art is as varied and eclectic as she is. It is all about listening to the wisdom of her soul. Whether she is painting in acrylics, watercolor, sculpting with clay or mixing it up creating a mixed media piece, it is an expression of her journey, her path, her heart’s truth. Being an intuitive artist, she often says that she enjoys the process more than the outcome. Along the creative path, she develops an emotional connection with each piece she paints or sculpt, a heart connection.

    She believes that she is painting not with acrylics or watercolors, not just sculpting with clay, but as she works in whichever medium she chooses, she will infuse it with a whole lot of love and smiles. The end creation, bringing forward a positive emotional response from the observer. Every art piece she creates is filled with her heart and soul. Every being she paints; she paints to capture their inner essence on the canvas. Each clay piece she sculpts, brings that being to life, the clay evolving into a charming piece with its own personality. Every paint stroke, each shaping of the clay, brings her energy and light to the piece. Each piece she creates is a journey, unique and ever evolving.

    As a biology major, she has a great appreciation of nature and she brings much of the beauty of the designs, images and colors found all around us, into her pieces.

This piece “Sweet Nectar” draws upon her love of nature and those ruby throated hummingbirds, both male and female shining in their own way. She has depicted the hummingbird attracting flowers of the Bottle Brush and the Turks Cap, red flagging the hummers, to stop for a sip. 


As an artist, Sharen Chatterton endeavors to express her love of life in each of her pieces.  She lives in Rockport, Texas with her husband, their three dogs (Gracie, Bilbo Baggins, and Piper) and Yarrow, an English Budgie.