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33rd Anniversary Hummer T-Shirt Art


 2021 HummerBird T-Shirt Art


About the Artist...


Clementina Rivera has lived in the Rockport area since 1973. She is a retired high school teacher with Math, English, Art, and Spanish certifications. She has been a member of the RAC for many years, has been chosen as Shrimporee poster artist, T-shirt artist for Oysterfest, Hummerbird, Seafair, and Windfest.       

Clementina's inspiration for the 'Cactus flower and ruby throated hummingbird' selected for the 2021 T-shirt, came from photographs taken along Water St. many years ago. There was a big cactus with a beautiful display of blooms every year. Hurricane Harvey and the Big Freeze destroyed most of the cactus, but on a recent photo shoot, remnants of the big plant were still found.