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HummerBird FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Speaker Programs/Lectures
How long are the lectures? Approximately 45-minutes each. 
Where are the lectures held? Two locations: one inside the Middle School Band Hall and one inside the Church of Christ Auditorium (school auditorium is still under repairs due to Hurricane Harvey). The Church is located at 1520 Omohundro. 
Hummer Home Bus Trips
Is there a field guide on each bus? The Hummer Home buses each have their own local volunteer guide.
How many homes will I go to? You will go to two
Do the Hummer Home Buses have restrooms on them? 
Are the buses air-conditioned? We are using school buses. Most of the buses are airconditioned. Bottled water is provided. 
Where do I catch the bus? The bus stop is located at the grassy area near the parking lot of the Rockport-Fulton Middle School located at 1701 Omohundro. Travel to the back of the school. Look for flags, and a banner labled "Bus Stop". Please arrive 15-minutes prior to your departure time.
Bus Field Trips
Are the early morning bus field trips guided by professional guides? Yes, experienced guides are with you throughout the tour.  
Do the Bus Field Trips have restrooms? No, the Charter Bus is not equipped with restrooms.
Boat Trips
Are the boat trips narrated? The boat trip is narrated by a professional guide. 
How many homes will I go to? You will go to two
Does the boat have a restroom on it? Yes
Does the boat have drinks and snacks? Yes, the boat company offers light snacks and some drinks.
How long is the boat ride? The boat ride is approximately one hour and 30-minutes.   
Where do I catch the boat? At Fulton Harbor in the boat slip directly behind Charolotte Plummers Restaurant. Look for Rockport Birding & Kayak Adventures.