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Seafair Committee


 2017 Seafair Committee

There are numerous volunteers who help make Seafair the outstanding event that it is.

There are also those volunteers who spend countless hours organizing and planning.

For all the chairman below, a mere “thank you” hardly seems worthy.


We are extremely grateful for their time and talents!


To Serve on this committee, contact:


2017 Seafair Committee 

Overall Chairman : Eric Heller

Vice Chairman : Robert Mitchell

Vendor Chair : Helen Hough

Food Vendor Chair : Eric Heller

Coast Guard Auxiliary Liaison : Walter Laas

Opening Ceremonies : Little Bay Sea Queens

Parade :George Reikers and Pam Farley

Chili Cook-off : Bill Ross  

Boat Show/Operations: Taylor Place

Beverage Chair : Ted Wilmore 

Children’s Activities - Natalie Moreno, and Lisa Heller

Communications : David B. Colmer

Security : Marty Martin

Grounds, Power, Lights : Warren Hassinger

Gumbo Cook-Off : Lois Moreno

Volunteers : Ronnie Medina and Karen Hassinger

Water Entertainment : Magen Berry

Entertainment : Randy Jumper

Car Show : Margaret Vera

First Aid : Cindy Page-Colmer

Just Desserts and Salsa : Diana Pardue

Gate Box and Ticket Coordinator : Karl Hattman
Ticket Booth Coordinator : Bill Pollizzio/ Norma Pollizzio and Richard Kawarski

Media/Public Relations : Debbie Perry and Yvonne Olvey

Clean-Up : Jody Davis

Battle of the Bands : Donna Townsend

Staff Coordinators/Sponsorship : Diane Probst and Sandy Jumper