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2017 Hummer T-Shirt Art

Click here for Guidelines for entering the 2017 T-Shirt art Competition

About the 2016 Artist ... Laurie Maher

Laurie Maher was born and raised in Connecticut and now resides in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. One of her earliest childhood memories is of drawing a tree in kindergarten art class, complete with a tiny bird’s nest with eggs near the top. Nearly 50 years later, and Laurie is still drawn to the natural world as a source of peace and inspiration. 

Laurie works in the Healthcare Industry as an Occupational Therapist; however, painting and drawing are what bring her to life. Over the years Laurie has experimented with a variety of mediums, and recently has devoted most of her attention to learning the nuances of watercolor. She uses the technique of multiple layering to achieve a sense of light and depth, which also allows for greater control over this notoriously unpredictable medium. 

Painting hummingbirds is truly an act of love for Laurie. In an increasingly frantic world, these tiny creatures make people do something rare and beautiful: Stop, and be still.  Perhaps we even hold our breath- hoping to freeze the moment and make it last just a little longer. 

Laurie plans to do more hummingbird paintings on a larger scale using oils, incorporating more of the bird’s natural surroundings. Her hope is to create images that give the viewer even a small dose of that incredible feeling that comes when you see one of these magnificent creatures flash before your eyes.