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2017 Hummer T-Shirt Art

HummerBird Celebration


About the 2017 Artist ... Sue Bonnar


Sue Bonnar is a three time winner of the HummerBird T-Shirt Artist Competition 

Sue works as a department manager at the Rockport H E B; however she has an extensive background as a graphic artist. When asked why she gave up graphic design as a career, Sue replies that art is her passion, but it became less of a passion, when it was her career.  Sue won the 2014, 2015 and recently the 2017 HummerBird T-Shirt artist competition.  

"I really enjoyed the 2014 Rockport Hummer Bird Festival (Celebration), meeting and signing shirts for people from all around the world! I had no idea that so many people came from all different countries to this event and it truly is of the largest and most respected hummingbird festivals in the country. I was very excited to win the 2015 competition. I was really surprised and excited to learn that I had won this year’s contest and look forward to seeing everyone at the 2017 festival.

I majored in Studio Art at the University of California, and have a degree in Commercial Art from Riverside City College, California. Animals have always been my favorite subject and I especially like to use watercolor, watercolor pencils and pen and ink due to it's crisp lines and translucent colors. The portability of fine line markers and water color pencils make it easy when you don't always have the time to work on a piece longer than a few minutes at a time. The water color pencils allow for more control of color and details, but still have the ability to add water to create the watercolor effect and transparency of color.

As a Rockport resident, I am lucky enough to watch hummingbirds from my kitchen window while I draw or paint. It occurred to me one day while doing this, that if ever there was a creature that may have been the inspiration for tales of fairies, it must have been a hummingbird. You can’t help but see the resemblance as they dance around the flowers, flitting from one to another in the blink of an eye - I guess that’s why they are so much fun to watch!" - Sue Bonnar