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About the Celebration ...

What is the HummerBird Celebration?

The HummerBird Celebration is an annual event held each September in the charming and friendly coastal towns of Rockport and Fulton. The purpose is to celebrate the spectacular fall migration of the Ruby-throated hummingbird through the area, first documented by Connie Hagar in 1938, and to expand one's knowledge of all birds, and associated wildlife.The Celebration is fun, educational and inspiring. There is something for everyone and it's designed for those who just enjoy birds to the more experienced birder. If you enjoy nature, or some aspect of it, then this event is for you.

Welcome from the Chamber… 

Located on the Texas Gulf Coast, on the bay of Aransas, the towns of Rockport and Fulton offer a special charm. Since their earliest days, Rockport and Fulton have attracted visitors with their climate, their friendly people and always, their wonderful birds.

The Tourism Development Council of the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce is pleased to help and assist the annual HummerBird Celebration Committee in making this event spectacular for all those who attend.

Each year the staff of the Chamber look forward to entertaining those who attend the HummerBird Celebration. It is a pleasure to try to accommodate each and everyone. It is truly remarkable to work behind the scenes as part of the team that coordinates an event which pleases so many people in a comfortable sort of way.

To our regular attendees and to anyone wishing to attend for the first time, you are warmly welcomed. Hope to see you here and happy birding until then. Call the Chamber office if we can assist you. 

What’s up this year? 
Well... this is our 32nd anniversary of the event.  We hope you enjoy yourself as we celebrate the spectacular fall migration of the Ruby-throated hummingbird…and the fun of birding. Join us for a special reception and celebratory dinner! Go on field trips, boat trips, see the hummers stocking up at feeders as they prepare for their amazing trip to their winter home, and discover what’s new for the birding enthusiast at our "nature only" vendor booths. 

We are excited about our speaker lineup! Programs and workshops are indicated in the schedule and will take place in two locations – Auditorium and High Scholl Library. Information and tickets for workshops and trips will be available at the Auditorium. 

Don’t be shy about asking our volunteers for help—they’re ready…but above all, have fun!

Celebration of all birds during fall migration 
It is important to remind people how the name of this event came about. 
When Betty Baker and Jesse Grantham and others, began developing this event, their intent was to bring attention to this great phenomena of the fall migration of ruby-throated hummingbirds. They wanted everyone to not just focus on hummingbirds but all birds during the tremendously beautiful fall migration. Hence came the name HummerBird Celebration. A Celebration, not a festival with tents and carnivals, but a learning extravaganza! 

Hummer Home Self-Guided Tours 

Local homes and businesses plant and maintain their yards year round to attract hummingbirds. During the event, you are invited to visit their yards to see the plants that lure the birds and to see them feeding in preparation for their incredible journey south. It is possible to see over 100 hummingbirds in one yard. A self-guided tour map is available at any information booth and at the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce during the days of the event. Please enjoy the hummingbirds and the generosity of the Hummer Home Hosts. You’ll find fun 4 to 5 ft signs made in the shape of a hummingbird placed on a post in front of the Hummer Home. The signs were designed by local student artists. Walk quietly to the residence. Enjoy! 

Speakers giving programs in our local schools 
For years we have tried to get the youth involved in this event. With the time of year, sports going full force and activities galore, it is difficult for them to be involved. This year we have a committee member that is coordinating "speakers into classrooms".

Aransas Pathways
Make sure you stop by the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce to pick up a map to visit the birding, history, kayak and trail sites located throughout the county. The map is also located at 

Whooping Crane Tours 
Visit Aransas Wildlife Refuge 
Remember to visit the Rockport-Fulton area each winter from November through March as the Whooping Cranes return to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge from their summer homes in Canada. The cranes are only a short drive (about 40 minutes) from the Rockport-Fulton area. Cranes may be viewed from the Refuge, but for dramatic views of the cranes in their natural surroundings, boat trips are best. There are several birding boats operating from the area, most will take a 3 to 4 hour trip and it is possible to see a great many wintering and resident birds along with the cranes.

For more information about the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and all that it offers, call (361) 286-3559. For more information about birding trips by boat, call the Chamber Visitor Center at 1-800-242-0071 or (361) 729-6445. 


Thank You to Our 2019 Sponsors