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Beach Bag Fun!

Visit Rockport-Fulton and get a Beach Bag!

Diane Probst and Sandy Jumper at ABC Ch. 13 KTRKBeach Bag Promotion

How it works: Rockport-Fulton will be featured on Houston TV Ch. 13 Saturday, Dec. 29 at 10 a.m. with a Beach Bag Promotion. This promotion invites viewers to visit the Rockport-Fulton area in January and February. It entices them to come down to the Rockport-Fulton Visitor Center to receive their Beach Bag filled with promotions from our local businesses. Once the visitor arrives in the Visitor Center, they will also be able to spin the "Wheel of Fun" for even more prizes!

What you do: Please bring your items, good January and February only, to the Visitor Center on or before Friday, Dec. 28. We will take it from there!

Sample List: Here's a sample list of items to think about for you for place in the beach bag: (Please bring 200 items to the Visitor Center by Friday, Dec. 28)

  • Business cards for a free appetizer
  • Quarter page flyers with 50% off
  • Flyers with buy one get one free
  • Tickets for one free "Check This Out" Drink
  • Card encouraging them to visit your store for their free piece of Harvey
  • A slip of paper offering them free dessert
For more information on this participatory promotion, contact: