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Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce

This is only for the Interim CEO position.  Candidates that are going to apply for the Permanent CEO position, will not be considered for the Interim position.  Candidates are not permitted to apply for both positions.


The responsibilities and authority of the Interim President-CEO include:

  • Lead the continuation of current programs and events for the remainder of 2022.  Ensure their financial success.

  • Work with the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Selection Task Force to ready the organization for a new President-CEO.  Such duties to include leading a workshop (July timeframe) for the purpose of refining the vision for the organization for the next 20 years and the job description for the new President-CEO to match that vision.

  • Convention & Visitor’s Bureau Management:

    • Manage tourism budget carefully to maintain the status of funding at all time. Ensure tax funds are being used properly. Present budget proposal to local government entities for approval, if needed during interim term. 

    • Have a thorough understanding of the HOT Tax uses, requirements & guidelines.

    • Oversee the Tourism Development Council

    • Actively seek to recruit conventions and events.

    • Meet the goals set forth in contract with local governmental entities to manage tourism center.

    • Facilitate continued implementation of the comprehensive marketing plan to promote tourism efforts.

  • Be available for consultation with officers, directors, committee chairs, public officials, members and representatives of the public generally when the opinion or advice of the executive head of the organization is solicited.

  • Maintain communication and working relationships with public officials, administrators and business organizations at all levels.  Counsel and advise on developments effecting the Rockport-Fulton area business community.

  • Maintain a constant knowledge or record of the performance and productions of each committee.  Locate and pinpoint breakdowns and offer suggested courses of positive action.  Help volunteer workers by injecting ideas for projects, practices, problems, solutions, etc. for their consideration.  Supervise the preparation, interpretation, and the execution of the program of work.

  • Supervise or delegate the supervision and management of all committees.  

  • Work with the Chair of the Board in developing an agenda for the Executive Committee, Board of Directors meetings, and membership meetings.  Coordinate the financial operations of the organization for maximum economy.  See that control of the budget is maintained and that an active membership solicitation program is sustained.

  • Counsel with, do research for, and otherwise assist the Chair of the Board in the performance of their duties.  

  • See that all contracts and agreements between the Chamber and local governmental entities for administrative and marketing services are fulfilled.

  • Maintain analytical observation of the office’s quarters, furniture, and equipment for full effectiveness, and exercise similar oversight of the direct services to members and the public for maximum service at reasonable cost in money and staff time.

  • Counsel with staff members in connection with the program of work and committee activities.  Be accountable for the performance of all paid employees.

  • Work collaboratively with the Aransas County Partnership EDC executive.

  • See that the best interest of the Rockport-Fulton business community is represented to local, state, and national governments including elected officials and agencies.


June 2022